How to protect your Clan Server from scams!

How to protect your Clan Server from scams!

Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for online gaming communities, including Combat Warriors clans! With its ease of use and features like voice chat and screen sharing, Discord is a great way for players to connect and compete. However, as with any online community, it's important to take steps to keep users safe. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the ways you can protect your users in your clan's server, and show you the best way to stop scams from spreading in your clan!

Phishing links are malicious links that are designed to trick users into entering sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers. These links can be disguised as legitimate sites or services, and they are either spread through DMs, or within your clan's server.

Phishing links are usually quite easy to see if they are phishing. The first sign is to look for things like wvv, wwv etc instead of www. This is common in Roblox phishing, as seen below:

With Discord phishing, it can sometimes be harder to tell. Usually, they are fake Nitro links trying to get you to enter your Discord login details!

A newer type of scam is fake QR code verification. Servers pose as things like NSFW creators, "Exposed" servers or sometimes just community servers. They have a bot impersonating a larger bot like Wick or Dyno. You'll be greeted with a "VERIFY" button, which when clicked shows a QR to "verify and access the server". When you scan the QR, you are granting the attacker FULL control over your Discord account. Not only is this a horrible idea, every single server and DM you are in will be spammed with invites to this server.

To protect your users, you should educate them about phishing and encourage them to be cautious when clicking on links. You should also consider using a bot that can detect and block phishing links, such as Blacklister.

Blacklister is a powerful bot that can help keep your clan server safe by blocking phishing links, scam Discord servers, and bot impersonators. Using up-to-date APIs, Blacklister can quickly identify and remove dangerous links from your server. This helps to keep your users safe from scams and protects their sensitive information from being stolen.

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In conclusion,  servers are a great way for players to connect, but it's important to take steps to keep users safe. By educating your users about phishing, scams, and impersonation, and using bots like Blacklister, you can protect your community and keep them safe from these dangers.