How to setup AutoMod for your clan server!

How to setup AutoMod for your clan server!

To get started, please make sure your server is a community server. This removes unsafe permissions from the @everyone role, and enables features like AutoMod!

To do this, go to "Server Settings":

Then click "Enable Community" on the sidebar.

You'll have a little setup wizard to follow, which is quick and easy to finish.

Once you've enabled community mode in your server settings, the next step is to head over to create a channel for automod to log infractions in. If you already have one, feel free to skip this! Make sure this channel is hidden to non staff members.

Now, head to the Automod section. Click on "Commonly Flagged Words" and select "Insults and slurs". This will help to automatically filter out any offensive language that may be used in chat.

You can also setup custom filters, and you can block words you do not want to be said in your server!

Awesome, you have now setup AutoMod! Here is an example of it in action:

You'll see that this has logged in the channel we setup before:

We understand that no system is perfect, and sometimes words may be flagged that aren't actually offensive. If this happens, simply click on the "Whitelist" tab and add any words that you feel should not be considered as insults or slurs.